Health Safety & Environment

Health Safety & Environment

The commercial success of Granziero S.p.a. depends on its ability to continuously improve the quality of its services and products, while protecting people and the environment.

The utmost attention is paid to guarantee human safety, operational safety, protection of the environment and improvement of quality.

Granziero S.p.a. requires all employees and collaborators to be actively committed and responsible in succeeding in the mission of guaranteeing, for themselves and for their clients, maximum safety once inside our workshop facilities. The continuous monitoring of accidents and the study of events that can trigger accidents, have meant that the number of days lost has been considerably reduced in recent years.

Personal protection, the attention paid to the health of employees and the continuous training courses organized, have brought and bring new successes every day in terms of safeguarding health and the environment.

This policy is reviewed periodically to ensure its integrity.

The commitments mentioned above are in addition to our fundamental obligation to comply with the standards set by current laws and the standards required by our clients.

In 2018, the General Management approved the investment to obtain the certification regulated by the ISO 14001 standard.