GRANZIERO S.p.A. was founded by Mr. Otello Granziero in 1974.
He started his business exploiting about ten years of experience in another production structure, in the construction of carpentry and boiler making in general, specializing over the years in the production of pressure vessels, columns, reactors and heat exchangers used in the petrochemical sector, Oil & Gas, Oil refineries and water treatment plants.

With over forty years of experience in the construction of cyclones and other components for “Revamp” and “FCC” for European refineries and the Middle East, GRANZIERO S.p.a. has achieved high levels of quality and quantity worldwide.

The company operates according to a Quality System complying with the requirements of the ISO 9000 standard, the certification of which was obtained on the 22nd of December, 1995. It also obtained the authorization for the construction of ASME Stamp punched pressure vessels “U”, “U2” and “S” issued by ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers) in May 1998.

The name “Granziero” has become, in recent years, a point of reference for many Italian and foreign petrochemical engineering companies, succeeding in obtaining a good position in the markets of the Far East and the Arab countries.

The flexibility of Granziero S.p.A., understood as dimensions and weights, has been, and still remains, a strong point in the market, managing to maintain a decidedly satisfying global competitiveness.

The concentration of the workforce is such that the company is able to maintain the hourly cost at medium-low levels thanks to a good organization supported by IT systems, developed directly within the company and therefore studied according to their needs.

This organization makes Granziero S.p.A. a young, malleable, dynamic and moldable company for every situation.

Regarding youth, it boasts the energy that the company demonstrates on a daily basis in dealing with problems with the most determined will to solve them, and in studying work technologies that can allow to maintain a competitive price, while ensuring an adequate level of quality.
The long history of activity allows to exploit a wealth of experience that proves indispensable when tackling the increasingly pressing commercial and technical difficulties, and to offer the customer the constant and complete cooperation in all the phases of the contract.

Please visit the following pages, in which you will find the organization chart of the company with the Direct Function Managers fully described.